Weight Loss Acceptance

The mindset we really want to achieve for optimum weight loss is one of motivation to change, yet self-acceptance of who we are.

Why is that?  And why would adopting that perspective be more helpful?  Because when we get down on ourselves, or critical, or engage in harsh or negative thinking about ourselves and our situation, our willpower and our motivation decrease accordingly.  We begin to feel helpless and frustrated.  And as we’ve learned on the Food For Thought programme, how we think and feel affects how we eat.  So we begin “comfort eating”, to soothe those uncomfortable emotions and thoughts about ourselves.  And bang!  There we are, straight back into the negative eating cycle we’ve worked so hard to overcome.  None of this is conducive to healthy food choices.

So, it’s out with the self-critical thinking and in with the self-acceptance.  Acknowleging the factors that have led to your gaining weight, and understandiong how these processes have been playing out in your life, doesn’t mean you can’t be equally motivated to change them!  In fact, self-acceptance and motivation go hand in hand.

So be kind and understanding of yourself.  You’re going to need that positive and forward-thinking “you” into the future.