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CBT – How Does It Work?

CBT is based on the important relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

They’re connected, so if we want to improve how we feel about things, or how life is going for us, we identify what needs changing.  Change one, change all.

Sometimes we think and behave very flexibly, logically, realistically and positively.  However, at other times we can think and behave in ways that may be contributing unhelpfully to situations, without even realising.  At CBT Dublin, you and your therapist work together to uncover unhelpful patterns and to challenge how we approach situations.

Where’s The Evidence?

CBT is not about “Thinking Positive” – it’s about thinking “Real”. And thinking robustly, flexibly and with an open mind. Helpful thoughts are based on fact, logic, and evidence. Like a judge and jury, you and your CBT Therapist put your thoughts and behaviours “on trial”, to see how they stand up to scrutiny! Unhelpful patterns of mind-reading, catastrophic thinking, selective attention to only one detail, and avoiding are all challenged – there’s no room for them here. All they do is get in your way of approaching things productively.

When you’ve shown some unhelpful thoughts the door, and considered a couple of alternatives, it’s Testing Time. We don’t expect you to take our word that CBT works! You now go off like a scientist into your own life and circumstances, and give those new thoughts and behaviours a good testing out. If you’re not happy with the outcome, we discuss it at the next session. But if you are, the new thinking and behaviour style becomes incorporated into your new approach and repertoire.

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Is CBT Effective?

Yes. CBT has been well researched. Its effects are proven beyond doubt to be at least as effective as medication for some difficulties, and even more so for others. It’s highly effective for depression, most types of anxiety, and a range of other concerns. CBT Dublin can help.

When we begin thinking and behaving in a new way, and are pleased with the results, we incorporate the new approach into our daily repertoire. After a bit of practice, the new approach becomes habitual. And when we develop a new habit, we actually alter the chemical and neurological patterns of the brain. We have actually re-trained our brains to think and behave differently!

Does It Last?

CBT is not only effective, but it’s long-lasting too. Once you learn your new skills, you’ve changed things for good.

That’s why it’s recommended bythe HSE and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence U.K. (NICE). And that’s why we specialise in CBT at CBT Dublin.

You can find some interesting research studies on CBT Dublin’s Research, Information and Helpful Links page.

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