B Vitamins for Energy and Weight Loss

B vitamins play an important role in supplying fuel to our cells, which are then able to burn energy and control fat metabolism. This plays an important role in weight loss.
A great way of adding extra B vitamins into your diet is by switching from white refined grains to whole grains eg brown bread, […]

A Few Simple Substitutes For Weight Loss

Sometimes a few small substitutes in your diet can make a big difference when it comes to weight loss. By substituting a few healthier alternatives, you can drop a few pounds without going to much effort. Here are a few examples to get you going:

Out With: In With:

White breads:           […]

Eat with your Mouth… Or Eat with your Mind?

One of the problems that people experience when they are trying to alter their eating habits is continuing to eat with their Minds and not with their Mouths.

We eat with our Minds when our thought patterns override the body’s physiological needs.  “It’s been a long day so I deserve a treat”, “That looks delicious, […]

Snacking for Weight Loss

When following a weight loss or weight maintenance programme, it is hugely important not to let yourself get hungry. We recommend having a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack. The reason for this is after a few hours of eating, your blood sugar and energy levels start to drop and when they […]

Food Addiction – Is it real?

Food Addiction Institute

The Food Addiction Institute in the U.S. has some interesting “Food For Thought” on Food Addiction.  As we agree, you don’t have to meet full criteria for Food Addiction to experience some of the cravings, metabolic changes and neurochemical issues associated with F.A.

There is now little doubt that continuous eating of certain […]

Chromium, blood sugar balance… and Weight Loss.

Chromium – a wonderful mineral supplement that balances your blood sugar levels, which is crucial to weight loss.  This little gem will help your body utilise its insulin more effectively, helping to even out those blood sugar levels.  This will really help you on your weight loss and weight maintenance journey.  Chromium is found […]

Exercise and Weight Loss – The Interesting Way

Try It At Westwood

Weight Loss doesn’t have to be boring!

Westwood Gyms are giving away a free 4-day pass, so you can try out all they have to offer… Free Of Charge!

Increasing our positive behaviours is an important step along the road to change.  Why not give one of their interesting classes a go, or […]

Weight Loss, Food Addiction and… Katie Hopkins?

Katie Hopkins talks Weight Loss

Boy am I glad Katie Hopkins isn’t my weight loss coach!

She’s right, of course – obesity and weight issues are becoming of concern to all of us.  But for those who struggle with weight management, psychological factors, food addiction, cravings, and food additives all play their role.  Similarly to how we […]

Stove-Top Smoking for Weight Loss

Lads, we’re LOVING our new stove-top smoker that lets you smoke meat, fish, cheese and vegetables right from your own home.  These nifty little devices are available on www.amazon.co.uk, delivered to your door.  Moist and smoky, what better way to enjoy your favourite meats and veg?  We can’t get enough.  The wood chips come in […]

Is Detox only for weight loss, or should we all be on one?

Detox is a buzzword you will hear everywhere but why do we need to detox and how can you reduce the toxic load that leads to the need for detoxing in the first place?

A toxin is a word to describe may substances that cause harm to our cells. In today’s world, it is impossible […]