One of the problems that people experience when they are trying to alter their eating habits is continuing to eat with their Minds and not with their Mouths.

We eat with our Minds when our thought patterns override the body’s physiological needs.  “It’s been a long day so I deserve a treat”, “That looks delicious, I’ll just have one slice”, “Why do I have to be the one to deprive myself?  I should be able to eat what I want”.  Sound familiar?  These type of thoughts have nothing to do with hunger or the body’s drive for nutrition and satiation.  It’s all about our perceptions, our beliefs and our mindset.

We eat with our Mouths and Bodies when we listen to what our physiology is telling us.  “I’m hungry and I’ve just noticed it’s after lunchtime”, “I’m off to tennis so I’ll have a slice of toast or a banana to sustain my energy”, “That cake smells great but I’ve already had lunch and don’t need anything else right now” – these are all examples of tuning in to our Bodies and taking the body’s cue as to when and what to eat.

So next time you eat, think about where it’s coming from .  Are you eating with your Mouth or your Mind?