Do be wary of these falsely advertised, sugar laden products if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, equalise your blood sugar balance and steer clear of cravings.  Despite their bright, child friendly packaging and their marketing ploys that advertise “enriched with vitamins” or “low in fat”, most of these processed cereals are, in fact, full of sugar.  And sometimes chocolate, or even sweets.  Anything to get you hooked from a young age.  “Turning the milk brown” is NOT a good thing, especially first thing in the morning!  Check the ingredients for sugar content – “low in fat” has nothing to do with sugar content.  Another trick they use is to tell you the ingredients PER SERVING instead of per 100g.  You’ll find that many of these cereals contain UP TO, OR OVER, 50% REFINED SUGAR.  There is hardly a worse way to begin your morning – rocketing your sugar-glucose levels and feeding your cravings from 7am.

Did you know that if supermarkets arranged their products by nutritional content, instead of product type, these continual culprits of false advertising would be placed… In the Biscuit Aisle.

Cakes and biscuits also contain high levels of refined sugars, but at least they’re not trying to persuade you that they’re good for you.  That by eating them, you’re also getting your intake of vitamins and minerals.  We’d all be hooting with laughter if they even tried!

I can’t understand how the cereal manufacturers get away with it.  But for your own sakes, steer well clear.  Porridge, unsweetened cereals, fruit, oat cakes, and all the other suggestions we talk about on the Food For Thought programme are a much better start to your day.