Weight Loss Documentary

While it’s always interesting to follow the journey, trials and tribulations of somebody who is successfully losing weight, anybody who has spent a good deal of their lives being 8 stone is probably not somebody experiencing food addictions…, or immense difficulty sustaining weight loss. The Sun journalist Katie Hopkins is quoted as saying that the purpose of her appearance on an upcoming tv documentary is “To show that weight loss is possible and anyone who says it isn’t is merely “blaming everyone else for problems they can control”.
People who struggle with weight maintenance issues aren’t “lazier” or “less intelligent” than anybody else – eating behaviour and food addictions are extremely complex, and many people need the right kind of support and psycho-education around how to successfully combat negative eating behaviours.
We’re interested in the documentary Katie – just don’t be so quick to dismiss that people who are overweight “blame everyone else for problems they can control”. Yes, you can control your eating, but this is often a skill that people need to learn.

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